Two Piece Truck/Trailer Wheel Nuts

A Stark Comparison
Competition PTFE nut which failed 240 hours of salt spray testing after only 72 hours
Okabe Geomet nut after 720 hours of salt spray

Wheel ends are critical to highway safety. Only trust a proven supplier. Okabe has been supplying these products to North America OEMs for more than 30 years in a full range of sizes and coating options.

Okabe products are manufactured to tight tolerances that meet all SAE J1965 standards. A strict testing regimen is performed on all incoming material.

Please view the attached Link for a detailed summary of the 2-Piece wheel nut torque/tension testing.

Lot traceability is standard practice at Okabe and applies for all 2-piece products.

Coating Options Include

  • Phosphate & Oil – 72 hours of salt spray resistance
  • PTFE – 240 hours of salt spray resistance
  • Geomet – 720 hours of salt spray resistance

European and South American Markets have adopted Geomet as the coating of choice for Truck and Trailer wheel nuts. Okabe is now offering its North American customers a cost effective Geomet option.

Salt Spray resistance for the new "Okabe 720" far surpasses any current PTFE product.

The above photograph makes Okabe the Clear Choice for your 2-Piece needs.

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