Okabe Co., Ltd was established by Mr. Mitsunosuke Okabe in 1917(Okabe employees and their family are just like a part of Okabe family at that time).

Okabe Co., Inc. was established in July 1977 as a subsidiary of Okabe Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime:5959) in the United States. The parent company, Okabe Co., Ltd, is a 100-years-old company founded in April 1917 in downtown (Mukohjima) Tokyo. Okabe has numerous patents for innovative screw-based construction methods and has contributed to the world as a metal processing manufacturer, constantly striving for safety and efficiency. Okabe Co., Inc. has brought this creativity to the United States and has been providing high-quality products at competitive prices in various industries for over 45 years.  Our superior products and services are our pride, and our goal is to continuously create new value for our customers. Currently, Okabe Co., Inc., in collaboration with our strategic global partners, employs our unique designs and high-quality standards to provide superior fastening solutions to our customers. 

Okabe has continued to expand its success in North America. In 2002, Okabe established OCM, Inc. in Illinois, a rapidly flourishing supplier of construction materials. Then in 2005, Okabe acquired Water Gremlin, a fishing sinker and battery terminal manufacturer in MN who had been a long-time customer, allowing Okabe to extend its automotive parts division into the United States. More recently in 2021, Okabe obtained a building materials manufacturer in Pennsylvania, adding a robust production division to OCM. These acquisitions have helped to strengthen and solidify our automotive and building materials presence in North America.

Okabe now employs over 400 people in the United States.  We are passionate about giving back to our local communities and have made this part of our culture. Okabe will continue to grow meaningful local business opportunities for our employees, customers, and society.


The markets we serve include:

  • Heavy and Medium Duty Truck OEM
  • Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer Aftermarkets
  • Axle & Suspension OEM
  • Wheel, Hub & Drum OEM
  • Light & Heavy-Duty Trailer OEM
  • Automotive & Light Truck OEM
  • Japanese Automotive Tear 1 OEM
  • Solar/Green Energy Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Agricultural & Construction Machinery OEM
  • Civilian & Military Marine & Shipbuilding Industries


“Okabe Group is contributing to society by providing safety and security.”

“We continuously create new value to the customers together with our happy employees!”

“We connect dream to the future with our fasteners!”