• Easy, quick, ergonomically friendly installation DOES NOT require special tools. Please view the Hub-Tite™ Installation Instructions.
  • Precision stamped, tempered and quenched washer with unique notches designed to ensure the nut is positively locked to the spindle.
  • Hot Forged nut is stronger and more durable than sintered heat-treated nuts.
  • The most thread engagement of any spindle nut for maximum connection of the nut and spindle.
  • The nut is easily locked onto the spindle in proper position through engagement of the nut and washer using Grade 8 Socket Head Cap screws with nylon patch. Cap screws are located 180 degrees equally distant to distribute and balance the forces on the nut.
  • The unique washer design allows for less than 0.0028 inch of "back off" per notch to maintain proper control of the end play adjustment to meet specified bearing pre-load requirements which minimize heat and wear, extending the bearing life in the hub.


  • Simple two-piece system without snap rings
  • No special installation tools required
  • Universal design for Drive, Steer and Trailer Hubs